Welcome to Bolt!

We are more than just a boring business directory:

Bolt is created by Lightning Hub, the Eastern Bay’s only shared-space and innovation hub:

  • We are local, you can actually walk into Lightning Hub and talk to the directors (over good coffee of course)
  • We are people focused, like to have fun and are committed to building some amazing business things in the region
  • We provide a suite of additional Business Development services aside from Bolt
  • We host some cool Business Networking and social events
  • We are involved in some cool projects, both at a national and global level
  • We have a rad neon sign – which looks cool!

Bolt provides businesses an opportunity to become part of something much bigger and cooler than just a directory – you become part of a community, backed by people who understand business, are passionate about people, community and doing good things for others.

Our premium membership options give you great value and time with our marketing experts to help steer you in the right direction.

Listing your business on Bolt gives you discounts across Lightning Hub’s services, like 50% discount to becoming a Lightning Hub virtual member.  It also gives you easy access to our Business Development services and more.



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